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The studies cover fields of research like the role of the Czech language among the Slavic languages, the verbal aspect in Czech as compared to other Slavic languages, the Slavic numeral (the concept of “paucal”), problems referring to colloquial Czech (“obecná čeština”) and its place in teaching Czech as a foreign language.

An interesting problem in Central Europe refers to Czech-Slovak bilingualism: the Czechs and the Slovaks speak their mother tongue, without the need of an interpreter or a translator. This peculiar situation has not been properly and coherently approached at the level of departments of Czech at the universities where Czech has its place in the curriculum.

Relevant studies in the field:

Verbal aspect in the Slavic languages. An older study and a series of  newer studies, which reflect the symposium dedicated to the verbal aspect in Slavic.

Colloquial Czech and the place of Czech at the University of Bucharesti.

Studies in Slavistics

The author dedicated many studies and books to the problem of Slavic languages, from origin to etymology and editing Old Church Slavonic texts, the place of the Slavic languages among other Indo-European and non-Indo-European languages, the problem of South Slavic and the so-called Balkansprachbund.

These studies are periodically uploaded and updated on and

The Studies published between 1986 and 2005

are gathered together in a volume available in both printed and PDF format. See the page of volumes in PDF format. Newer studies, still unpublished in a compact volume, may be downloaded from here.

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Drawing by Rora Daina Maria Paliga, July 2017

Main fields of activity:

• Czech language (study of Czech, levels of competence, grammar, translations).

• Slavic linguistics, General Slavic studies, Slavic-Romanian relations.

• Linguistics: Slavic, Indo-European, Pre-Indo-european; the relations between Indo-European and other linguistic groups, mainly Uralic and Altaic.

• Southeast European onomastics.

• Linguistic thracology.

• Archaic civilisations in southeast Europe, Neolithic symbolism in southeast Europe.

• IT resources: alternative keyboard layouts for Romanian, Old Slavic (Old Cyrillic and Glagolitic), old Italic languages (Etruscan), dialectal texts and linguistic transcriptions. Books and notes on using Macintosh computers.

Studies and Works (volumes and published in periodicals)

Author of numerous volumes in the field of linguistics: Czech studies (Bohemistics), Slavic linguistics, Slavic-Romanian relations, substratum languages – mainly southeast European substratum.

Translator from Czech, English and French, occasionally from other languages.

Participated in numerous symposia and scientific meetings. Some works are also available in PDF format. Other works may be ordered from the publishers.

Important Note

Many published volumes and studies are vailable as PDF  format on the pages of Academia and Research Gate:

These are regularly updated several times every year. Please quote properly.

Activity within other associations 

• Member of the Romanian Association of Slavic Studies (vicechair between 2002 and 2006).

• Member of the Romanian Writers AssociationBucharest branch, department for translations.

• Founder and chair of Societas Romano-Bohemica (October 2010) aiming at promoting Czech studies in Romania.

• External member of other institutions like Medieval Unicode Font Initiative(MUFI); also contributed to improving and enhancing Unicode repertoire for Old Church Slavonic in a group co-ordinated by Michael Everson.

• Member of Slavic Linguistics Society.


Address: Str. Pitar Moș 7–13, sector 1, București
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Slavic Languages ​​and Literatures.

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Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.


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